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Protozoa:> Myxomycota:> Myxomycetes:> Stemonitales:> Stemonitidaceae:> Comatricha, Lamproderma, Paradiachea, Stemonitopsis, Stemonitis, Stemonaria
Members of this family typically have dark coloured spore mass. The typical type of fruiting body produced is a stalked sporangium. A capillitium is always present and many species have a prominent columella.
Genus: Comatricha
Comatricha altaComatricha alta
Comatricha laxaComatricha laxa
Comatricha nigra
Genus: Diachea
Sporangia stalked or sessile. Sporangial wall hyaline, iri descent, without deposits of lime. Walls of stalk and columella membranous, charged with lime in the form of granules or crystalline nodules, sometimes without lime. Capillitium a profuse network of purplish threads without lime.
Diachea leucopodiaDiachea leucopodi
Diachea subsessilisDiachea subsessilis
Genus: Lamproderma
Sporangia usually stalked, rarely sessile, globose or ellipsoid; sporangial wall membranous, somewhat persistent, shining with iridescent colors; stalk black; columella cylindrical or clavate, usually reaching to half or more than half the height of the sporangium; capillitium consisting of branched, anastomosing threads, radiating chiefly from the upper part of the columella.
Lamproderma columbinum Lamproderma columbinum
Lamproderma echinulatumLamproderma echinulatum
Lamproderma scintillansLamproderma scintillans
Lamproderma scintillansLamproderma splendens
Lamproderma cribrarioides Lamproderma nova-zealandicum nom. prov.
Genus: Paradiachea
Paradiachea caespitosa
Genus: Stemonitopsis
Stemonitopsis aequalisStemonitopsis aequalis
Comatricha typhoidesStemonitopsis typhina
Genus: Stemonitis
Sporangia cylindrical, stalked, distinct or fasciculate; stalk solid, black, extending to near the apex as a columella, except in confluent forms; capillitium composed of numerous threads radiating from all parts of the columella and combined into a loose network, the ultimate branches united into a surface-net, often incomplete in irregular developments
Stemonitis axiferaStemonitis axifera
Stemonitis flavogenita
Stemonitis fusca Stemonitis fusca
Stemonitis herbatica
Stemonitis smithii Stemonitis smithii
Stemonitis splendens Stemonitis splendens
Stemonitis virginiensis Stemonitis virginiensis
Genus: Stemonaria
Stemonaria longaStemonaria longa
Genus: Tasmaniomyxa
Tasmaniomyxa umbilicataTasmaniomyxa umbilicata
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