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Protozoa:> Myxomycota:> Myxomycetes:> Liceales:> Cribrariaceae:> Cribraria.
This family of slime moulds have a distinct, stalked fruiting body with a net or ribbed covering over the spore mass. Which composes of a portion of the peridium that persists long after the spores have dispersed.
Genus: Cribraria
Sporangia globose or piriform, stalked; sporangial wall either forming a cup in the lower half or reduced to a basal disc, continued above as a net of slender threads more or less expanded and thickened at the nodes, membranous and evanescent in the meshes of the net. Dark plasmodic granules present in the cup and nodes of the net.
Cribraria aurantiaca Cribraria aurantiaca
Cribraria aurantiaca Cribraria cancellata
Cribraria confusa Cribraria confusa
Cribraria microcarpa Cribraria microcarpa
Cribraria intricata Cribraria intricata
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