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In recent years I have taken an interest in panoramic photos, many of which are printed and now decorate my walls. Even though the internet is not the best medium to display these due to small monitor size, I have nevertheless placed a few for you to see below. You will notice that I love going out to Whatipu, one of our wild westcoast beaches, were many of my photos are taken from.
Image 02
Sunrise over Auckland city taken from Devonport wharf.

Image 02
Auckland City from Devonport

Image 03








Historic beam engine from Westen Springs

Image 04

Whatipu in the afternoon on a very overcast day.

Image 05
Whatipu taken late in the afternoon with two graduated neutral density filters on the
camera. for some odd reason these have caused a colour shift and soften the image a bit.

Image 06
Sunset over sand dunes at Whatipu at sunset. 8 frames were used to make up this photo
four exposed for the sky and the rest exposed for the sand dunes then manually combined.

Image 07
Sunset at Whatipu

Image 08
Whatipu after dark with the last of the sunset lighting up the sky