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Updated 24/03/13


Recent Projects

Having been away from lego for sometime I final rekindled my interest in creating things. The funny thing, I was six months ago considering selling off my lego Technic's collection as it had sat around for a few years not been touched. On the good side during this time Lego have developed many more useful parts.

Oddly it was my interest in photograph that cause me to pick up my interest in lego again I wanted to try some time laps photography. Of which there were several ways to go about this but as I had to open the lid of a petri dish I decided to use my Lego NXT brick as the controller. Using a motor to open and close the lid of the dish and the other to operate a series of micro switches to operate the camera.


EFT Truck
EFT Truck
EFT Truck

Trial Truck

Trial Truck


EFT Truck
EFT Truck
EFT Truck

Trial Truck

Trial Truck

Cherry Picker

Due to my job I get to spend a day or more up on a large cheery picker servicing the field lights at a local sports stadium. Although the machine we use is an operator assisted machine we quickly learnt to leave the operator on the ground were he was more useful when the machine breaks down!! Which it does regularly!

This is the first "MOC" (my own construction) based on a real machine as shown on the right. This machine is fully remote controlled with nine motors two been XL the rest are M type and reaches to a height of 950mm to the bottom of the basket. Which is all that's left of lego's 8292 Cherry Picker from which this started out from. There's lots that could be done to improved this but there are other projects that need looking into:)


This is my second attempt at making a tri-star wheeled vehicle the first time I used two NXT Bricks with limited success. With lego having now developed the power function system I decided to have another go. I came up with a different wheel assembly this time that is narrower then the previous but is other wise much the same.

Each section is controlled by XL motor sending power to each wheel assembly via a differential this allows the vehicle to turn. Another differential is used to move the power from the wheels to the axle when the wheels come under load. This rotates the wheels as a group causing them step up and over any object up to the diameter of the wheels.

Steering is obtained by a linear actuator driven by a M motor that pushes or pulls the two sections that pivot on the connecting lift arm. There is also a small turntable that allows the two sections to More images
rotate about each other.

EFT Truck

These large mining trucks are used to bring ore up from open cast mines to the processing plant or tailings dump. The trucks are electrically powered and can be linked together so one driver can drive two or more units in the form of a road train.

My attempt to recreate this truck in lego was not very successful although it looks the part even if a bit colourful any attempt to turn the 20 wheeled monster world cause the wheel assembly's to full apart. The size of my wheels limited me on how much I could reinforce the assembly's. Other then this all other functions worked well except I never did get around to making a tail gate for it.

The truck has 20 wheels of which 16 are driven and steered with full remote control, measures some 39 studs wide, 90 studs long and 25 high.

8 x M motors to dive the wheels
2 x XL motors one to steer the other rotates the tray
2 x L motors to lift the tray
3 x IR receivers
3 x battery boxes

Trial Truck

Lego truck trials are not something seen in New Zealand although there has been one competition run by LUG 4/2 in Christchurch. Although there are rules which I loosely followed as its never likely to be used in a truck trial.

The truck is based on the Land Rover 101 Forward Control chosen for its nice strait lines as curved surfaces are so difficult to do in Lego Technics. The battery box was originally mounted in the centre of the chassis so as to keep a low centre of balance but was moved to the back when I added a gear box. The gear box has turned out to be unreliable often slipping out of gear and in time will be removed or rebuilt.

Measuring 50 studs long 19 wide and 27 high, weight is 1.6 kg but as this truck was designed to be striped down for transport by helicopter my next version will be the same and should be a lot lighter. It comes complete with a winch which is side mounted with the cable run through a series of pulleys to come out in the fount like the real 101.

Tractor Unit

After my failed EFT truck I decided to build something a little smaller this time. A tractor unit caught my attention It also means I can build different trailers as and when I' am inspired

The tractor unit is based on no particular model of truck just what ever seamed to work. As normal for me trying to give the body some form was the biggest challenge. Technic and curves just don't work or should I say Lego have never developed this part of the technic series.

Measuring 50 studs long 20 wide and 24 high, weighing 1.8 kg driven by two XL motors and steered by a servo motor. Is complete with a fake motor and opening doors. With full remote control including the 5th wheel coupling.

Flat Deck Trailer

The is the first of my trailers for the tractor unit and rather a simple one well as far as trailers go. The support legs are remotely controlled this lets the tractor unit to back up and couple with out touching anything. With so much space available I also fitted suspension to the rear wheels although a little soft.

Measuring 95 studs long 20 wide and 14 high, weighing 1.3 kg with a M motor to raise and lower the legs with full remote control.

Car Transporter

The second trailer made for my tractor unit and is about as big a trailer that could be pulled with this truck. Weighing 2 kg when empty this one can cary up to 5 cars. Again all remotely controlled with the lower and upper decks and support legs been controlled.

Measuring 91 studs long 19 wide and 27 high, Use three M motor to raise and lower the legs and loading ramps with full remote control.


Well what's a car transporter with out cars These are nothing special after making one I just followed the same design for the others just making a few miner changes as I went.

Measuring 28 - 30 studs long 13 wide and 11 high, with HOG steering and in most cases with opening doors.

Off Road Truck

I thought a 6 x 6 off road truck was something interesting to build in wanting to give it good ground clearance I used portal axle on all wheels with a 3 to 1 reduction. With this reduction on the wheels I found that I did not need any gear reduction which made construction of the chasse a lot simpler. Was design to be powered by two XL motors but found one was all it needed with the steering motor mounted directly on the front axle. Looking back at this now with its very wide wheel base it does looks a little odd :)

Measuring 49 studs long 29 wide and 27 high, Having the body clear of the wheels gave it plenty of room for the moment of the suspension and good steering lock.