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Welcome to my home page. Wow, I have not looked at this part of my website for so long I am surprised to see I created it in 1997. Where has all the time gone?

About Me

I am not too sure what you all want to know about me.
My name is Clive Shirley, I am single, and in my early 50's. I live in Mt. Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand. I share my home with one cat now and have far to much spare time. Whoops a year has passed and now it no cats though I do miss the two I once had..


Nothing special here, only school certificate in a few subjects, far too long ago for them to matter any longer. Followed by trade certificate (Electrical).


I work for a small electrical company in Penrose as an electrician, doing domestic and commercial work mostly.


Since my late teens, I have had an interest in macro photography and in recent times I have started to take panoramics. Not that I am that good :)

My main interest is in photographing fungi and myxomycetes (Slime Moulds) which gives me a good excuse to be in the bush. Unfortunately I also discovered that if I want names for my fungi photos I have had to become an amateur field mycologist.

Then, to show the world what wonderful fungi New Zealand has, I had to learn to create my website to display them. which tends to consume far too much of my time. Although I have become quite good at it :) .

I once also spent a lot of time playing around with electronics components, but between my eye sight getting worse and technologies moving on. I seem to have lost my interest in this.

A few years ago I discovered Lego this for a short time renewed my interest in building robots.