Phaeoclavulina zippelii
(Lév.) Overeem (2011)
Phaeoclavulina species are considered ectomycorrhizal, yet some of the photos below were taken in a broadleaved/podocarp forest. with no obvious ectomycorrhizal partner present. This is another species that has a questionable name and is more likely an unnamed species. 

Fruit bodies: Up to 50 x 25 mm, branched, stout. Stalk up to 25 x 9 mm hard-fleshy, off-white at base the rest same as branches, bruising to chocolate. Branches few, stout, size up to 6 mm thick light brown bruising as stalk, re-branching in 1-2 ranks; Branch tip blunt, off-white to prolonged and blue-grey or powder-blue.

Common name: None
Found: Native Forest
Substrate: Ground
Spore: Brown
Height: 75 mm
Width: 100 mm
Season: Autumn
Edible: Tan
Macro images:
Phaeoclavulina zippelii
Scale bar
PDD 77812    Scale= 10 mm.
Phaeoclavulina zippelii
Scale bar
Scale= 1.6 mm.
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