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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Entolomataceae:> Entoloma, Rhodocybe.
SporesThis large family, with over 60 named species in New Zealand. and plenty more yet to be named, is mostly saprobic fungi. Found growing on the ground or, occasionally, on decaying wood. They are separated from other agarics by their salmon-pink angular spores, which colour the gills at maturity. They are a diverse group in size and colour, which makes them a challenge to identify and, without a microscope, almost impossible, except for a few brightly coloured species.
Genus: Entoloma
Entoloma aberransEntoloma aberrans
Entoloma albidosimulans Entoloma albidosimulans
Entoloma cerinum Entoloma baronii
Entoloma brunneolilacinum Entoloma brunneolilacinum
Entoloma latericolor Entoloma canoconicum
Entoloma captiosum Entoloma captiosum
Entoloma consanguineum Entoloma consanguineum
Entoloma chloroxanthumEntoloma chloroxanthum
Entoloma crinitum Entoloma crinitum
Entoloma distinctum Entoloma distinctum
Entoloma duplocoloratum
Entoloma viridomarginatum

Entoloma haastiiEntoloma haastii
Entoloma hochstetteri Entoloma hochstetteri
Entoloma imbecille Entoloma imbecille
Entoloma inventum Entoloma inventum
Entoloma latericolorEntoloma latericolor
Entoloma mcnabbianum
Entoloma melanocephalum Entoloma melanocephalum
Entoloma neosericellum Entoloma neosericellum
Entoloma parasericeum Entoloma parasericeum
Entoloma perzonatumEntoloma perzonatum
Entoloma peraffine Entoloma peraffine
Entoloma peralbidum Entoloma peralbidum
Entoloma persimile Entoloma persimile
translucidum Entoloma translucidum
Entoloma phaeomarginatum Entoloma phaeomarginatum
Entoloma pluteimorphum Entoloma pluteimorphum
Entoloma procerum Entoloma procerum
Entoloma porphyrescens Entoloma porphyrescens
Entoloma pumilum Entoloma pumilum
Entoloma readiae Entoloma readiae
Entoloma stramineum Entoloma stramineum
Entoloma strictum Entoloma strictum
Entoloma squamiferum Entoloma squamiferum
Entoloma sulphureum Entoloma sulphureum
Entoloma uligincola Entoloma uliginicola
Sequestrate Fungi
Entoloma gasteromycetoides Entoloma gasteromycetoides
Genus: Rhodocybe
The Rhodocybe are separated by the ornementation on their spores.
Rhodocybe piperita Rhodocybe piperita
Species Undescribed
With the publication of "Agaricales of New Zealand One," covering the pink spored fungi, it has become obvious that there are still a lot more Entoloma species that have not yet been described. Below are a few of those that I am reasonably sure fall into this category.
Entoloma sp. Entoloma species
Entoloma sp. Entoloma aff. albomagnum
Entoloma species
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