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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Cortinariaceae:> Austrocortinarius, Aureonarius, Cortinarius, Phlegmacium
CortinaThis large group of terrestrial, mycorrhizal fungi is typically recognised by the presence of a cortina, which is a veil of silky or cobwebby fibbers that protects the gills of a young mushroom. This collapses as the cap opens in most cases, leaving hairs on the stem or forming a well-defined ring that is then stained brown from spores. They are a very diverse group in shape, size, and colour. The large number of species makes this group difficult to identify.
Genus: Austrocortinarius
Cortinarius australiensis Austrocortinarius australiensis
Genus: Aureonarius
Aureonarius armiae Aureonarius armiae
Aureonarius caryotis
Aureonarius collybianusAureonarius collybianus
Genus: Cortinarius
Cortinarius achrousCortinarius achrous
Cortinarius aerugineoconicusCortinarius aerugineoconicus
Cortinarius alienata Cortinarius alienatus
Cortinarius alboroseusCortinarius alboroseus
Cortinarius bellus Cortinarius bellus
Cortinarius canariusCortinarius canarius
Dermocybe cardinalisCortinarius cardinalis
Cortinarius carneipallidusCortinarius carneipallidus
Cortinarius casteneodiscusCortinarius castaneodiscus
Cortinarius chrysmaCortinarius chrysma
Cortinarius cucumerisCortinarius cucumeris
Cortinarius cuphomorphus Cortinarius cuphomorphus
Cortinarius cycneusCortinarius cycneus
Cortinarius dysodesCortinarius dysodes
Cortinarius elaiochrousCortinarius elaiochrous
Cortinarius elaiochrous var. leontisCortinarius elaiochrous var. leontis
Cortinarius elaiops Cortinarius elaiops
Cortinarius icterinoidesCortinarius icterinoides
Cortinarius ignellus Cortinarius ignellus
Cortinarius ignotus Cortinarius ignotus
Cortinarius ionomataius Cortinarius ionomataius
Dermocybe indotata Cortinarius indotatus
Cortinarius atroviolaceus Cortinarius kioloensis
Cortinarius species Cortinarius lachanus
Dermocybe leptospermorum Cortinarius leptospermorum
Cortinarius lubricanescens Cortinarius lubricanescens
Cortinarius luteinus Cortinarius luteinus
Cortinarius meleagris Cortinarius meleagris
Descolea majestatica Cortinarius majestatica
Cortinarius naphthalinus Cortinarius naphthalinus
Cortinarius olivaceonigeCortinarius olivaceoniger
Cortinarius opaculusCortinarius opaculus
Cortinarius orphyxCortinarius ophryx
Cortinarius orphyxCortinarius paludosaniosus
Cortinarius papaverCortinarius papaver
Cortinarius paraonitiCortinarius paraoniti
Cortinarius peraureusCortinarius peraureus
Cortinarius persplendidusCortinarius persplendidus
Cortinarius pseliotictonCortinarius phaeomyxa
Cortinarius pseliotictonCortinarius pselioticton
Cortinarius rotundisporusCortinarius rotundisporus
Cortinarius rubripurpuratus Cortinarius rubripurpuratus
Cortinarius subcastanellus Cortinarius subcastanellus
Cortinarius suecicolor Cortinarius suecicolor
Cortinarius taylorianus Cortinarius taylorianus
Cortinarius tessiae Cortinarius tessiae
Cortinarius ursus Cortinarius ursus
Cortinarius veronicaeCortinarius veronicae
Cortinarius viscostriatusCortinarius viscostriatus
Cortinarius viridipileatusCortinarius viridipileatus
Cortinarius vitreopileatus Cortinarius vitreopileatus
Cortinarius vinicolor Cortinarius vinicolor
Genus: Phlegmacium
Phlegmacium artosum Phlegmacium artosum
Phlegmacium rattinumPhlegmacium rattinum
Phlegmacium exlugubrePhlegmacium exlugubre
Genius: Thaxterogaster
Thaxterogaster medioscaurus Thaxterogaster medioscaurus
Thaxterogaster mariaeThaxterogaster mariae
Thaxterogaster iringaThaxterogaster iringa
Thaxterogaster alboaggregatusThaxterogaster alboaggregatus
Thaxterogaster australisThaxterogaster australis
Thaxterogaster austrocyanitesThaxterogaster austrocyanites
Thaxterogaster castoreusThaxterogaster castoreus
Thaxterogaster chalybeusThaxterogaster chalybeus
Thaxterogaster rhipiduranusThaxterogaster rhipiduranus
Thaxterogaster cretaxThaxterogaster persicanus
Thaxterogaster cretaxThaxterogaster cretax
Thaxterogaster cremeolinaThaxterogaster cremeolina
Sequestrate Fungi
These are fungi which have lost their ability to forcefully eject their spores. Instead, they rely on insects and birds to eat and carry them off for dispersal. Many are brightly coloured and found on or partially beried in the ground; some have a week stalk, while others have lost this.
Cortinarius beeverorum Cortinarius beeverorum
Cortinarius novae-zelandiae Cortinarius novae-zelandiae
Cortinarius peraurantiacus Cortinarius peraurantiacus
Cortinarius violaceovolvatus var. viola Cortinarius violaceovolvatus var. viola
Unidentified Species
The fungi below are those that I have been unable to identify beyond their genus. This is likely due to me misunderstanding the keys or a species that has not yet been described (named).
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp.
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp.
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp.
Cortinarius species Cortinarius sp.
Cortinarius speciesCortinarius sp.
Cortinarius species Cortinarius leptospermorum?
Cortinarius pholiotellusCortinarius pholiotellus?
Cortinarius speciesCortinarius Species
Cortinarius speciesCortinarius Species
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