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Fungi :> Basidiomycota :> Agaricomycetes :> Agaricales :> Clavariaceae :> Clavaria, Clavulinopsis, Hodophilus.
Clavariaceae was once only known to include clavarioid fungi, but recent phylogenetic studies have moved three agaricoid genera into this family. These are Camarophyllopsis, Hodophilus and Lamelloclavaria 

These saprotrophic, white-spore fungi typically have erect, simple, or branched fruit bodies that grow on the ground, or sometimes on decaying wood. It is not easy to tell one species apart from another without the aid of a microscope. But there are a few species that are distinctive enough to be recognized, like Clavaria sulcata and Clavaria zollingeri.
Genus: Hodophilus
Hodophilus is distinguished from other genera in this family by its small agaricoid fruiting body, that has a hygrophanous cap with subglobose to broadly ellipsoidal spores.
Hodophilus roseolusHodophilus roseolus
Genus: Clavaria
Like most of the club or coral fungi, without a microscope, it's not easy to tell one species apart from another.
Clavaria albo-globospora Clavaria albo-globospora
Clavaria amoena Clavaria amoena
Clavaria megaspinosa Clavaria megaspinosa
Clavaria roseo-violacea Clavaria roseo-violacea
Clavaria rubicundula Clavaria rubicundula
Clavaria zollingeri Clavaria zollingeri
Genus: Clavulinopsis
Ramariopsis depokensis Clavulinopsis antillarum
Clavaria archeriClavulinopsis archeri
Ramariopsis depokensisClavulinopsis depokensis
Clavaria novo-zealandicaClavulinopsis novozealandica
Clavaria phoenicea var. persicinaClavulinopsis persicina
Clavulinopsis simplexClavulinopsis simplex
Clavulinopsis spiralisClavulinopsis spiralis
Clavaria sulcata Clavulinopsis sulcata
Clavulinopsis corallinorosaceClavulinopsis corallinorosacea
Ramariopsis sp. Ramariopsis sp.
Genus: Hodophilus
Hodophilus species Hodophilus species
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