Lycogala conicum
AETHALIA: conical, sessile on a broad base, crowded or scattered, 1.5 to 3 mm. high, 0.8 to 1.5 mm. broad, sometimes subglobose, yellow - brown; the dark confluent superficial vesicles forming spots or a broken reticulation, chiefly on the upper part ;

cortex thin, of two closely combined layers, the outer traversed by flattened threads 2 to 10 µm broad, either loosely interlacing, or more often nearly parallel in a single series, and separated by intervals of 2 to 20 µm, piercing the membranous inner layer and continuous with the capillitium.


Consisting of simple, rarely branching, olivaceous-grey irregularly shaped tubules, 3 to 10 µm diam., smooth minutely wrinkled, with clavate or obtuse ends.

NOTE: An inconspicuous species appearing on rotten wood especially of deciduous trees. Presently only the one known collection has been found in NZ.

SPORES: In mass, yellowish-grey or ochraceous 5-7 µm diam., covered with a fine reticulum of narrow ridges interrupted at the germination area.

PLASMODIUM: Rose-red, in rotten wood.
HABITAT: On rotten wood.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, Bay of Plenty
Macro images:
Lycogala conicum
Scale bar
PDD 118833    Scale= 1.5 mm.
Immature will turn a yellow - brown as it ages
Lycogala conicum
Scale bar
Scale= 2.6 mm.
Immature fruiting body's still with there orange colouring.
Hidden Forest
Slime Moulds