Physarum leucophaeum
SPORANGIA: Gregarious, spherical, 0.5-1 mm., white, stipitate, sessile.

STALK: About 1 mm., subulate, yellowish-white, rugose; columella none.

PERIDIUM: Wall membranaceous, rupturing irregularly, thickly studded with rounded white lime-granules.

CAPILLITIUM: D ense, snow-white, with minute, white, round or rounded nodes, in the centre a conspicuous mass of lime forming a shining ball, not part of the stipe although sometimes produced toward it.

SPORES: Brown-violet, delicately spinulose, 9 -11 µm.

PLASMODIUM: Watery white or yellowish gray.
HABITAT: On dead wood and leaves.

Macro images:
Physarum leucophaeum
Scale bar
Scale= 2 mm.
Hidden Forest
Slime Moulds