Physarum bitectum
SPORANGIA: Scattered, sessile, sub-globose or obovoid, 0.6 to 0.8 mm. diam., or forming curved or flexuose plasmodiocarps 2 to 6 mm. long, rounded or slightly compressed laterally, smooth, white or bufl, sometimes purplish brown below from absence of lime, or entirely limeless.

PERIDIUM: Wall double, the outer densely charged with white lime-granules, free and deciduous above, recurved and persistent below; inner wall smooth, membranous, pale purplish, more persistent.

CAPILLITIUM: A network of hyaline threads, with many variously shaped, large, smooth-walled, white nodes.

SPORES: 10-12 µm diam., dark purplish brown, spinulose, often with a paler, smoother area of dehiscence.

HABITAT: On dead leaves and twigs.

DISTRIBUTION: Cosmopolitan, known from Auckland, Mid Canterbury.
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Physarum bitectum
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Scale= 0.25 mm.
Hidden Forest
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