New Zealand Fungi Books
Below is a list of the books that I use for reference and to help identify the fungi on this web site. Most are New Zealand or Australian. Unfortunately many of these are now out of print and can only be obtained second hand if you are lucky.  
New Zealand Books
Mushrooms And Toadstools
Mobil New Zealand Nature Series
Marie Taylor
ISBN 0 589 01354 8
The Clavarioid Fungi Of New Zealand
Ronald H. Petersen
ISBN 0 477 02514 5
New Zealand Fungi an illustrated guide
Greta Stevenson
ISBN 0 908812 29 9
An Illustrated Guide To Fungi On Wood
In New Zealand
I. A. Hood
ISBN 1 86940 063 1
Edible And Poisonous Mushrooms
An Introduction
Ian Hall, Peter K. Buchanan,
Wang Yun, Anthony L.J. Cole
ISBN 0 478 04697 9
Dung Fungi
An Illustrated Guide To Coprophilous
Fungi In New Zealand
Ann Bell
ISBN 0 86473 001 2
Mushrooms And Other Fungi of New Zealand
Don Horne
ISBN 0 7900 0728 2
Cortinarioid Fungi of New Zealand an Iconography and Key
Karl Soop
ISBN 91-974803-2-0
Australian Books
A Field Companion to Australian Fungi
Bruce Fuhrer
ISBN 0 9598074 7 0
Fungi Of Southern Australia
Neale L. Bougher, Katrina Syme
ISBN 1 875560 80 7
Rainforest Fungi of Tasmania
Bruce Fuhrer & Richard Robinson
ISBN 0 643 05311 5
Common Australian Fungi
Tony Young
ISBN 0 86840 150 1
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